Hi there..

Hope ure fine..
Im good but little tired..we had premiere of the christmasshow yesterday and it went so well we had to celebrate with a lättöl later.. not very smart since the show continues to night.. and tomorow.. but we had a great evening yesterday.. this year the show is located at Anexet beside the Globe in Stockholm.. alot of people, the usual artists Markoolio, Linda Bengtzing, Emd and one of my favourites Kate Ryan a..and little me.. yeah and my old friend Torsten Flink is reading a memorable little poem by Kennet Andersson .. he is a bit lovely when he read his poems.. but its a very big place so there is no direct cohesion which is a bit boring compared to previous years ..we hope that they find on anything funny to end the party December 19.. otherwise it's fine with me .. write some songs ... yes, and think it is fantastic that the media has finally begun to realize how badly many of our pigs and animals in general have on their farms .. of course, not all farms but there are many idiots who work every day with animals and still sleep well knowing that they suffer because of carelessness, laziness and the economy .. a great tribute to those who look over people's estates from the authorities .. I'm glad they are because if I would have that job, I would certainly go to prison shortly..

well, Now it's time to get ready for tonight's action .. many hugs



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