As all normal people so is the man in the picture standing in a Vikingsofa playing air guitar with a bedpost ..
As all normal people so is the man in the picture standing in a Vikingsofa playing air guitar with a bedpost ..
Hello! hope you feel good and have fun in life.
I'm fine but I have been on the crazy journey. Got one of those real gastritis and I had to go to hospital. But they found nothing I shall die of. Wich offcourse made me happy. But it did not hurt if I came down on all projects and late nights, ate properly and regularly blah blah you know. So now I try to take it a bit easier. Like all old people must be talked about health first ;-) or "Death, Death," as the great writer Astrid Lindgren always said the first words to his friends. She must have been a fun aunt. What a hero. Otherwise it is pretty cool .. no new concerts in 3 weeks which has been cruelly beautiful. It was a bit much there for a while.

Some crazy songs, I have come up in the studio but no new singles to little me. And, yes, I have a new family member, probably, she is a medium-sized greyhound which they found abandoned and hungry in a shed in Ireland. But she's so cute, so I melt. And just a year old so it's full speed here at home, I can say. But she has not stayed indoors as much and I long for her to understand that she goes to the bathroom outdoors. puff. But Vanda and Jocke are very good and are very nice to her. I really hope that she likes it at my place. It is a mystery that nobody wants her. The world's most cozy dog. Her name is so far Eira. A beautiful and unusual name from a rune, I think.

Yeah. The last week has been a long ride through them political secret passages. Environmental Protection Agency has challenged my building permit good for my little Viking farm. And now it's responding to speech and try to get them to understand how wonderful the project could become. But as Ingemar Stenmark said, It is not easy to explain to someone who does not understand. But you know me. I never give up. Or, as my working name for the next album, "Never bend down!

But now Christmas is approaching and time to dress up for Christmas concerts. This year I will be in the annexe of the globe in Sthlm. It should be fun. It tends to be.But more of that another time.

Big hug to you dear redar and to those of u who wonder why I respond poorly to the emails I want to clarify that I have had far too much and that I was not quite okay in my little tummy. But as soon as everything works I will write back. My fantastic fan clubs in Denmark and Holland. The biggest of hugs to you and Special agent Carin! I love you for your work.

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