Hello there, hope that you feel beautiful

I just have the best musiclovers in Russia.. hugs to you all
I just have the best musiclovers in Russia.. hugs to you all
I feel good ..
even though I spent this sick gray day to vacuum and clean .. crazy boring but very much cozier when it's done .. yes you know what I mean.. but I've been a good boy and sat in the studio this week and got some done .. but I have been at home all weekend .. it has probably not happened since I went to law school .. and it was not yesterday ..but otherwise not much has happened in my little life .. I fight with the authorities for building my dream vikinghouses .. playing in the studio and scratching the dogs on their bellys.. but I want to say congratulations to little Ola because he won the Choir Battle.. well a big swedish tv show. . all the dogs have got some new rubber toys so its the most peculiar sounds all over the house.. some really stressed duck on the second floor and a small pig in the livingroom.. wierd background noice..
and the very good and friendly photographers name is Igor Rodin ..Spaziba Igor http://www.flickr.com/photos/igorrodin/

and many hugs to all reading this

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