Большое и теплое спасибо дамы и России за последние недели!
Я был супер красиво и смешно. Hugs Юлия
Спасибо за вашу помощь.
What? Translated; A huge thanx to dear Russia for a great week. Ive had a very nice time and special thanx and hugs to dear Julia who helped me and us alot!

Hi there, Back home after some great days in Moscow. Good food, nice party and some good promotion. Now the Russian knows that Im alive and still kicking. We had a great show att the venue and some really nice evenings. But I took it relatively slow and really enjoyed the good food and my huge bed at the hotel. Never slept like that in years. Feel really rested when I got home last night .. Russia is a very exciting country and I truly have some wonderful musiclovers over there.. I Hope I come back there very soon with my band for a full concert..that would be awsome.. Many hugs and huge thanx again..

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