Privjet Dear Webreader..

How are you? I´m great..
But Ive been really down for some days.. the flu ..and it wont just get away.. until maybe now..
Ive just landed in the great country of Russia and Im sitting in the Lobby at the hotel and just got me a tall cold lättöl.. so now I feel much better.. oh, all the memories that comes to my little brain when I come to Moscow.. been here a hundred times I think..well more like 25 but enough to bring thoughts and pictures to my imagination.. so tonite we, niklas and me , are just free and I didnt sleep much last night so I will really chill ..cuz tomorrow we have a big concert at the big hall in moscow..big hall? yeaf well Dunno the name..but it sound like Olympiskijj .. but its a great hall, and yesterday Beyonce had a concert there.. and tomorrow its little me.. hehe.. but I look forward to it cuz it was many years ago since I was here.. And I felt like the real Rockstar I am when we came to the airport and alot of fans were waiting to take photos.. like the good old times.. in Moscow.. but in my memoares I will write the truth and nutting but the truth about the previous journeys we made to mother russia with the Bend over Band.. those were the days.. So if I have connection to the net I will keep you updated here.. hugs for reading..


No, the picture have absolute nothing to do with my journey to Russia..
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