Howdy Hoooo

Hope you feel good this rather uneventful day..
I had a pretty big adventure yesterday when I for the first time in 10 years visited the subway to find a photo machine to take passport photos for our Russia trip 4e November.. Abit pity that I donīt visit the subway more often cuz itīs alot of wonderful characters down there .. I have always a bunch of dogs or a lot of drums and stuff with me so it is an impossibility.. I felt almost like I was abroad somewhere with all the strange smell and noice.. well..there you have it..The boring life of a pop star.. or maybe a former pop star .. for now it is long time since I released a single ..

I hope u had a great weekend.. My was pefect..I builded Ikea wardobes for the cellar and Friday we had premiere party in the blackroom in the cellar..It was originally build for my studio but it got too dark..but as some sort of youth center for us old people it is time I will scare some life in to the bar too .. it's an old real bar from a defunct restaurant at Drottningholm ..but for now its just occupied by tools and stuff..

and speaking of Drottningholm I had the honor to meet the king on Saturday when I was on our common gentleman's club in town ..He is always so nice and he did very well remember my name .. But since I let him and his company enter before me he thought I did not get in .. he was very concerned until he found out I had my own key to the door ;-) .. Im a big fan of the royal family, Sweden is a cozier place as a kingdom.. More like fairytale in a way.. but thats my humble opinion..

soo whatelse ..Yes I bought my self a new motorcycle..The old one, u know from Loud Pipes save lives, is still in my garage but it is very hard to drive longer distances with.. it has no shock absorbers what so ever ..and a friend sold his Harley Davidsson Dyna Super Glide from 2003..for a price I just couldnt resist...and what a magnificent difference.. yesterday I went almost 120 km in the rain..still happy that I didnt had to carry my tailbone in a plastic bag for the rest of the day.. But I probably have to sell the old one....some day..I can allways build a new vikinghouse or sumthing for that money ;-).. well thats all for now dear friend.. hear ya later.. stay as you are; Lusty, Potent and Keen!


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