Hi there..

Hope u are fine this Monday..
Im good.. I've had a sore throat a long while so it's not so fun but this week it should be sorted out what it can be..So I visited my dear Doctor Urban early this morning for some throat tests.. and he is just the coolest doctor..he is some years and so older than I am but he is so modern .. full control of all television programs and on the internet .. he builds furnitures in Second Life, you know .. the artificial world on the net .. a very cool doctor that I am glad to know .. a good singer as well ..Well we'll see what monsters who moved into my throat ..otherwise Im great.. just had a total free weekend..No early mornings and long journeys.. well.. Niklas and me are trying to go on some kind of vacation but I had to pull the break on that so long my throat is hurting.. I refuse to lay somewhere in the sun and not feel well.. but hopefully there will be some vacation soon.. just being home a weekend feels like vacation I think..

Yes, as you can see I was a good ambassador for Sweden this weekend when it was time to empty the boat on the pads and equipment for winter storage .. stunning weather .. and in the hunt for wonderful recipes for my future restaurant I invited my friends to Wallenbergare yesterday .. hamburger but with a lot of cream and eggs in.. not very interesting but
very good ..now I go to the music store and buy a new mouse for my studio while I continue to laugh at the airheads who were out and fought with people and happened to try to beat a gang of transvestites who turned out to be a bunch of ultimate fighters on a bachelor party .. a lot of fun. .


stay cool and hugs so long



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