Aloha Dear Cyberfriend!

Do you remember the summer..
Some days it was so warm I finally had to buy a little childrens pool to my dogs, they were melting away.. those were the days.. This morning I did have a thin layer of ice on the balcony fens ouside my bedroom..the ice is still there.. brrr.. was like 2 months ago I bought that little blue birdbath..I like snow and cold can start around 20th of december and 2 days after newyear its time for spring in my humble opinion.. and while I do have an opinion I find it odd that there is such a level difference of Idol this year .. Eric is like 100 times better than all the other guys .. not very exciting.. but fun for him.. And poor Andreas should take a time off to heal his poor eyes ..and tv4 should have me as a guest jury while he is resting.. and last this cold but refreshing morning I strongly believe that if you work within the Church and get convicted for any form of heavier sexual offenses, your time as an employee within the church forfeit in 1000 years! That is what I believe my God would want.


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