Ohh..I remember the summers of the early 2000..

Close but no cigarr.. an inch from the last bath this year..
Close but no cigarr.. an inch from the last bath this year..
Me and some friends
flew around by helicopter on a lot of crazy adventures and celebrations .. a wonderful time .. but yesterday all came in a new perspective when it emerged that the Bell 206 Jet Ranger as we went in was exactly the same as the one in the great robbery yesterday .. not a similar helicopter, but the very same ..! Is not that crazy so tell me .. of course it is not my friend who owns it now, he sold it many years ago, but still ..isnt that exciting? maybe not but it is an odd coinsidence..

And the clay pigeon shooting yesterday was awsome..but I really have some more practising to do before I come back to my old skills.. hmm.. but Jorre from Amadin was shooting good..he is as you know a Pilot on huge jetplanes today besides Dj-ing and he was the one who told me that our old toy is used in bankrobbery.. but it was a long day yesterday.. I even managed to pick up one of the viking ships for the season.. a bit depressing .. a clear sign that summer is over for this time .. sob.. but I was extremly close to fall in the sea and have the last bath of the season.. now off to train my old but tall body.. many hugs

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