Who´s the Ant-bear on the small photo?
Who´s the Ant-bear on the small photo?
Wednesday in Sweden..
Hi there, hope yar fine.. Im pretty good. I've finally got started with my training and it feels .. painful but good .. and now I'm about to switch off my mobile phone and go and sit in the studio a few hours but I just have to first tell you that today I drove a motorcycle for the first time .. in a very long time .. it was banned from driving on it so I had to go and inspect the bike..

and now you can really see how bad translation programs I have in my computer .. what I'm trying to say is that I must inspect the bike at the state inspection hall in order to ride it ..and that was the kik I needed to put on the gear and feel the air through my hair.. eh..not with that helmet but it was a nice day on the bike..its a good thing..

otherwise it is just fine with me .. I have the recent few days made a deep dive into my contemporaries, and seen both idol, celebrity jungle, hells kitchen yesterday on TV and today it is clear that nothing has changed significantly on the earth; some "jackass" called Kanye makes a fool of himself firmly at the MTV gala .. sigh .. politicians arguing about anything to win votes when it is not even election .. very constructive .. so I head back to the cave I came from and see if there might be some good songs hidden under the keys.. hugs


oh, what I thought of television programs; yes, Idol 's entertaining but I get a little upset when they make fun of people who may not have all the horses in the stable, and it is a bit tedious that laila thinks like me in nine out of ten cases ..
celebrity jungle, I am a bit grateful that I declined to participate in the program when I see that it is just about to be humiliated
, was not Robinson a bit more fun but almost the same?
Hells Kitchen is fantastic .. have to see the next episode .. it looks like Gordon will get a slap on the nose..
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