Top of the Morning to You!!

hope yar fine,
Im good. The last week's early mornings have made me wake up early, though I do not really need to go up. But it feels great so here I am.

The other day I looked out my kitchen window and saw this hightec military amphibious car parked just outside my house.I had to pretend to take out the garbage to get me a closer look and then people suddenly start to pour out of the car. I very quickly made a fool out of my self when asking if they were in the military services like i did some years ago and were training citywar..but when they swing the back door open I saw both the equipment and the very serious staff, mostly girls, in fact, that these guys werent any regular military service guys.. They were in the end of a long proffesional training to go to Kosovo, a small country which recently declared independence from Serbia.. Wow, I was totaly wrong there but the guys in the car took it very good. Heroes in my eyes anyway.

But it was perhaps not surprising that I thought they did national service because I knew the car again from my own days on the island of Gotland. 10 months, first as a cooking group officer and then as head of the food within the battalion. A great time in my life that I can still yearn to return ..

I had a great responsibility to provide food to all the kitchens in the field but a lot of room for movement and initiative .. and crazy fun .. and when I still babbling about it, I can boast that I got a big medal company's best soldier .. hehe .. a little unexpected as I had the longest hair in the battalion.

Those were the days..

All the luck to all the men and women in that amphibious car and hugs to you dear webreader.. Im off to the gym..!

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