A true hero..

Marianne in the cage of one of my favourite dogs; Watson
Hi there, hope yar fine, Im good. Im great acctually. yesterday we made one of the weirdest shows in a long time ..it was so weird that I do not even have the strength to tell about it..but instead I will tell you that we have isolated all the dog houses and the new fence is where it is .. so now I have left Knutby for this time.. and the hero in the photo is Marianne who works at the dog pound and lives there.. she is just the saviour of the universe..for dogs that is.. a true hero.. a real source of inspiration and strength...

but after the show yesterday we all went home to my kitchen and I made some fried garlic mashed potatoes, a special order from my dog watch Sigge, and entrecóte with béarnaise sauce..a perfect meal after a wierd but fun show .. a very nice evening but a bit tired today.. no offcourse we didnt stay home..we had to visit all the pubs.. and today im Bree as the Fird. and if manager Niklas wake up before dark he will pick me up with the car and then we will go and shoot some claypigeons..hopefully.. very fun..many hugs so long..


but can someone explain to me why people complain about Obama because he puts so much force on health insurance .. he ought to get the price for it I think. But what do I know?


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