Im sorry but ive been away again for a few days..
This time Ive been and still is in the small.. and almost famous little village called Knutby..no, I havnt joined the church there but I help the dog pound there to isolate the dog cages for the forthcoming cold winter .. it's something I promised a long time to do but have not found time to but this week it finally happens .. so I feel comfortable and feel I do a little effort .. not big but a small one ..of course they do a fantastic job for the little creatures, but boys are better at carpentry ;-)

otherwise it's fine, just got to see a promotional leaflet from this year's Christmas gala in Stockholm and itīs funny that I may be part of it again this year, and you know what? one of my few idols (and they are just fewer by the years, owl!) is this year the great and lovely Kate Ryan! Just hope she is as nice as she sings... and hopefully I can make her join me in one of my songs..so it was nice to look forward to.. but now its not late but as a carpenter i start to work crazy early so now I must sleep so I can keep up tomorrow .. back to Knutby, the famous city of the oddities that sealed the house and cottage, mysteries we never really find out .. but not in the dog hotel off course.. where its peace and quiet
in the now warm and cozy cottages.. hear ya soon


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