Hi there..

Hope ure fine..
Im good.. abit bored..my secret monster project is not going forward.. not funny.. and when I finally decided to get started and work on my garden and throw them
old rotted garden furnitures and all the garbage so the trailer was stolen ..then i decided to take a looksy on my beloved vikingships..it started to rain.. Im bored.. but i hope that you are not.. I have never understood the Internet's greatness, but today when I was looking for pictures from an old tour, I found this odd collage of me and pictures from the Swedish classics Raskens .. crazy weird .. it must have taken some strange brain hours to manipulate this picture.. and it was just a picture and no context so it would be interesting to see what was written around it.. well well.. there is allways another way of waisting ur time and money.. that would be to rent the pricewinning horrorfilm the Cavern.. among the most overestimated junk movie I've seen this year.. minus 11 Es..
and when I today is a trailer robbed grumpy man, thought I take this opportunity to recall a time many years ago when the newspapers in their texts, informed citizens of impending danger .. Today they are fighting about to blow up, for example the pigflu, as much as they can..just to sell more papers.. not to inform people.. that sux in my opinion..so people have to call the hospitals to get correct info..they should have correct info in the newspapers thats what they are for? Hugs and lock yar trailers good.. there are villains in the bushes and about the pigflu; remember that even the ancient Greeks claimed that we stay healthier by simply wash our hands every time we have a chance ..a free advice

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