Top of the Morning to Ya!

Hope ure fine this rather cold but clear and sunny day..
Today is the first day of the rest of my life .. not very startling but the good truth.. but what I mean is that I today will start to turn the clock right in my body.. you know; go to bed in good time and get up in the morning.. what people usually call a luxury problem and it probably is but since I always work in the middle of the night I've kinda moved in to some Bat time or preferably Dracula time.. preferebly? well it just sound more interesting with castles and towers and spiers and horse carts ...and pretty women than to hunt for insects all night.. anyhow.. so i went up reasonably eary this morning and here I am writing on my little homepage and its before 11 in the morning.. Heureeka.. but on he other hand, I was working for Tylömarks Trädgårdsskötsel some years ago (239bc) we had lunch around 10.30 so Ive been here before.. but this summer it has been late every night so Ive become a bat.. no, vampire timewise that is.. but from today Im a normal person but very tired.. normal? whats normal?

"Normal" disease is what in accordance with recent research, was what killed the world's best composer apparently; Mozart. He suffered from streptococcal throat ie. TONSILLITIS. Once again proof that penicillin is one of the 3 most important inventions in the world. And also proof of how alike we must have been me and him. Every tour since I started I suffer from that illness.. But I must admit that he is a straw tougher to write classical music ..

Well, these are my humble opinions this beautiful morning.. I made the terrible mistake to start watching Dirty sexy money series yesterday and now I can´t stop.. Most of that Donald Sutherland is a great actor but also because the series is entertaining

Hugs from me

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