What a splendid Weekend!

psychologists argue that the man in the picture may have seen a little too many Rambo movies as a child ..
psychologists argue that the man in the picture may have seen a little too many Rambo movies as a child ..
It certainly sounds as if I would lie, but ..
You know me, I never lie, except when I need to..;-).. but in this case I am not lying .. the last few months shows have been funnier and better than in 5 years time.. I dont know why it can be so but it is.. Ljungby this weekend was truly crazy great and I didnt even play with my own band.. on the other hand The Oncle Pork band had really rehearsed my songs this time so they played very well.. but what a crowd..crazy singing dancing yelling shouting .. didnt expect to see such a crwd for some time after Boden but I was wrong..even if we spent all weekend in the car (1000 km), it was worth it .. a great weekend in southern Sweden ..
and a small party, it became afterwards, and no less than I was dj ..and a great one aswell off course.. I think I even scared my mini flu away cuz i feel much better today.. So today I will inspect a small Paddock that I will rent to all the dogs to run in.. its with good fences and while doing that I will have a look at my beloved vikingships.. its wierd ; when like 99% of my friends are going to work then I have a day off and when everybody is prepering for the weekend, I pack the car and go to work.. No I don´t complain, I have the funniest job on the planet.. but I was just thinking loud so to speak.. well hope you are fine and belong to that 1% that have a day off...;-) Hugs so long dear you




the big picture representing me when I built a new förstutrapp to the nätbod and I have almost no tools since I left them in the mainland .. so I have to use the Chainsaw .. something i do not recommend .. but it worked .. a nice memory from this summer .. and the small pic is one of my huge toads that lives in my garden out in the archipelago
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