Hi there..

The man in the picture looks almost unhealthy satisfied?
The man in the picture looks almost unhealthy satisfied?
now I'm back in reality again
I had some more beautiful days out in the fresh air.. as you can see.. and the dogs just luvs it out there.. but Ive had some adventures in land too.. last weekend we had a wonerful gig in Boden far up north.. darn.. it was just like I took a travel with a timemachine back to the 90´s.. the best crowd Ive had for years..in this little western like town.. in the middle of nowere.. fantastic weekend..

But today its reality, moving the lawn, cutting the bushes in my yard, washing the car, go to the dump with rubbish and so on. but i like it so i dont complain..

next weekend I will play with the crazy band Farbror fläsk in ljungby, just like a guest artist but it will sure be fun too..

and now I start to write like I should too, summercamp is over..

and yeah..

Yesterday I went to our jourhem for dogs in Knutby and there work a fantastic woman named Marianne, and she works as a fool for all 30! dogs must have a good time .. she is really fantastic .. but she needs help.. so if you know anyone that are planning to get a nice, healthy and friendly dog.. plz contact www.hundarutanhem.se
there are a bunch of lovley dogs that urgent need a new home..and we really could use more Jourhem, wich means that u help us taking a dog for some weeks until we find a new home for it.. I will probably bring my 3rd dog home in a week or so..but more of that later.. well just a message from the sponsors...

for now have a wonderful time and please tell everyone u know that Im alive again and will start to write almost everyday now.. The Eurodiskomonster is awake again.. Wohaaa

hugs from me



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