Aloha Dear Cyberfriend!

is not the proamerican man in the image to become a little fat?
is not the proamerican man in the image to become a little fat?
Im back from the .. from the mysteriously missing planet
Well.. Im still there as you can see on the photo taken 3 minutes ago this thursday the 6 of august.. Yuck what times flies.. but more importantely; How are you? I really hope that you have had some nice and quite weeks without me...Ive been great, I went out to my little hideout place as far out u can go in the swedish arhipelago..almost close to finland.. and Ive stayed here all the time ..exept for a beautiful 24 hours back to reality travel last weekend when I put all of the old Bend over Band from the 90s together and had a concert on the swedish Pride festival in Tantolunden in Sthlm. A truly great evening, wonderful people both backstage and in front of the stage.. me and haddayway, dr alban, pandora and some else.. if u read swedish u can read about the show here.. and please do cuz I have never seen better words written over my small and humble person.. and the show offcourse.. it really made me happy in my heart and it was very nice for my old companions that stod on stage after many years doing other things.. hmm.. maybe I should get them together more often.. Haddaway asked me on the way to stage who I was and what i was doing there all dressed up like that.. he thought that I looked like Ted Nugent (?) well, I said, come and watch.. oki , he said and then after our show he didnt speak to me more that night.. haha .. I think the Ted Nugent caracter suprised him abit..
yes, the adress;

but sometimes it is difficult to stress off at once, so I have been really busy out here on the island also in the beginning .. first week I had 15 guests in 5 days, it was really busy in the kitchen from morning to evening but some unforgettable evenings became .. My dear producer Max Martin with wife got out one night and resounding away the day after in a seaplane .. then there were many people who wondered what happened that morning in my little bay.. and two hours later my other old producer John, who now is a pilot, came by and put the helicopter down outside my house.. hehe.. not very poular.. so I have probably the smallest airport in the world here.. but you know my old dream to have a restaurante some day so I rally had a chance to practice in the kitchen..

and good weather almost everyday.. amazing.. ive been swiming in the sea almost everyday wich is good since I don´t have any water in the house.. the clock stopped somewhere around 1850 in my little house.. and the dogs are fine..they love it out here offcourse.. but yesterday morning was a little too eventful for my taste.. a poor magpie flew gently into the kitchen in the morning to steal a snack .. and that he would not have done for there were three dogs waiting for him .. I thought it was war in the kitchen and when I came out it was not much left of the poor Magpie .. we had a memorial and song Singing last night to its memory..and some lättöl.. and this morning I took my boat far out on the open sea to do the dishes and have a swim.. its somewhere between frightning and excitment to swim where its like 200 meters deep.. I dropped a teaspoon and I didnt dive after it so to say.. But tomorow I get back to town cuz saturday morning we fly to Boden for a big concert saturday evening.. back to reality again... many hugs and see u soon here ..I wont write every day but almost...

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