Foxy Lady..

them pale toes look yummy ..lets attack em
them pale toes look yummy ..lets attack em
Saturday night I spent with an incredibly sweet Foxy Lady
After the show we sat in the restaurant in the hotel and suddenly ran a little fox girl in the door .. she was really thirsty and hungry .. probably, she has received food from any other family for a time and then they have gone home .. or so .. for it was a very tame fox who refused to leave the restaurant ..when the clock was so much and the staff at the hotel gladly saw that it didnt sit in the lobby when all the guests woke up, she got the food and water and spend the night in my room ... after some food and drink and a few hours sleep she woke up and was really MISCHIEVOUS.. but when she refused to stop attacking my toes, I took a long walk up a mountain and released her to her freedom ..I really hope that she learns to hunt again, the beautiful little girl.. how I know it was a girl? well, she sat when she peed .. in my bed
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