Hi there..

So, I´ve had to abandon the beautiful archipelago in order to re-roll out on the roads .. Järvsö with Diggeloo tour, Here I come!
Hello, dear webreader, hope yar summer is hot, beautiful and relaxing.. I have some great days.. i stick to my plan, rain=write songs and sun=do some adventures... and today the sun is shining but today , I have premiere with tour company diggeloo .. where I will contribute a few songs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday .. very exciting and fun .. beautiful jessica andersson is with us .. and many other talented artists ola, sara Lövgren, arja Saijonmaa, niklas strömstet and others so it should be fun .. and we start in järvsö tonite.. but monday Im home again and then I will be free from any obligations for almost 2 weeks.. then we play at the pride festival but more of that later... but next week i will disappear to a secret address in ten days .. no, almost, know where I go. I shall cut off the cell phone, computer, and just breathe calmly in 10 days .. fantstiskt nice .. I do this every summer .. very useful for body and soul ..

and speaking of the soul so has Bobbie, my tenant has borrowed me one of those nail mat .. it hurts like crazy, but I fall asleep in less than a minute .. do not know Where the is the meaning of it but it is good to have when you want to sleep soon ..

now we pass Bollnäs.. very beautiful up here,,

and yeah, yesterday me and Niklas and my little dog keeper Patrik went for a trip with the boat and then we went to anders bagge, a very talented music producer and also one of the jury in the Swedish Idol, and visit. he lives crazy nice by the water so we were there and bathed and played with his dogs and met Brand new heavies .. an old cool band that was mega stars for 15 years ago .. darn he had a nice house out there.. a cool place i hopefully will vist often.. so the pictures are from his home..dont tell anyone

well more to be told later.. many hugs to you from me..

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