Hello in the summer...

I sincerely hope u have a great summer so far..
Im good.. really good.. weve been sailing vikingaship for some days and have had a terrific time ..and in the middle of the trip I went to Motala for a fantastic concert at the main square .. again this year .. think that I may get there as often .. I love Motala ..and suddenly the phone rang and said I would play in Karlstad on Wednesday .. sometimes it is fast bids.. during the summer, I will write here a bit more sporadically when I am not at home so much .. but it is not you either? I have promised myself to write songs when it rains but today its only overcast and no rain so i will play with the dogs ;-) .. many summerhugs


and i met some wonderful people at the market at Stallarholmen that work with this place.. check it out;


and this site is open 24 hours a day..

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