Hi there friend..

Michael Jackson
is dead..!?..what strange news I hear when I came off the stage yesterday night in Ludvika..

by the way a great gig and a lovley crowd with people.. thx so much..

but Wacko Jacko is dead, and I was so convinced that he, with all the oxygen tents and stuff would be 200 years ..at least.. he has been a huge housegod in my home for many years but when the rumours around him with all the kids and the stories took over my mind when listening to him.. it became more rare that I put his music on.. but lately Ive played alot of his music when I cook food.. and my new years party we danced and sang alot of Michael songs.. he seemed to be such a sad man.. I wonder if 5% of what we read and hear about him is true.. such a genius that did everything the last 15 years but being a genius.. Imagine that he and Quincy Jones had been in the studio these years instead of all the strange events that the man came up with .. perhaps I have little to learn there with all my crazy ideas? hmm .. however very very sad news that he left us...although I get the feeling that he may have some peace now from his lifelong war on earth ..rest in peace you amazing man..

And thx again dear Ludvika for yesterday.. I had a great evening with you in your great city..

hugs from
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