Howdy Dear You!

Hope that u are fine after the festivities during the weekend..
Im great..the sun is shining and today its time to unleash the E-type Beast.. rest is over.. in half an hour me and Niklas are driving down thrue sweden to the westcoast to play In vänersborg but more about this later. My weekend was perfect..exept for some heavy rain but its a classic midsummerweather... and yesterday it was a long day.. woke up far out in the archipelago and after cleaning the little house up from the midsummerparty it was time to get back to town.. and then all the way out to Adelsö to paint the vikingship with tar and put the beauty in the water.. cuz yeasterday was the only day to do this since I will be gone playing all week and the week after were sailing ti a big vikingparty.. and the boat has to lay in the water for a week to float..the wood must swell in the water.. but now its time to pack and blow the dust of the e-type outfit and get on our way to the west side of sweden..little hurry.. many hugs


.. and yeah.. a sad little story occured during the way home 01.00 after we put the boat in the water .. on the way home, we found a small carhit fox female and I pulled over my car cuz I got a feeling that it was alive .. and rightly so the fox still lived but it was blood from the nose ..I put it in my car and it was luckily enough completely faint and slept deeply on my jacket until a game warden came after an hour of waiting and took care of that little thing..he thought it didnt look that injuried and that it might wake up to life after a nights sleep .. but who knows? I felt very sorry for the poor thing.. And many years ago I used to hunt foxes..but I didnt shoot anyone ..but time changes a looked exactly like my little vanda when she was a puppie..
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