Hey dear friend..

How are you you today?
Im good, the rain has been pouring down for 3 days now but this morning it has finally stopped for an hour or so.. The bpicture is from saturday when we got toghether a small gang of good people that helped me get the ship in order for the summer.. we shall go to some viking feasts with the boat this summer and those who helped to get her in the scheme have be a nice place on board the trip ..thats fair? But the people were very nice so I look forward to spend some vacationdays with them.. but today its a Euroday with songwriting in the basement.. that feels good.. I will leave town for the archipelago for the midsummerdays from thursday to sunday and what would make me feel better if not the making of a great eurosong..? Otherwise everthing is good, Ive been very proper at the weekend and not consumed a single drop of alcohol .. unreal huh? but besides that I do not believe that the elections in Iran have been honestly so was the movie the miracle at st anna not very good .. u can skip that one .. and yeah in a week or so i will start pour over the mead on bottles .. it tastes really mature and well .. it will be a very important ingredient in the tough race over to our Viking feast in the summer .. but now its time to take the wolfs for a walk and then a big cup of tea down to the studio.. cheers and hugs ...and let the UN supervise a new election in Iran


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