Hi there...

Hope u are fine..
with me it's just good, I have had some beautiful days in the boat and some in my little studio ..summer is here so now it's full speed on all of my crazy projects .. and this weekend I was a dj in Enköping, it was very nice, full of people who danced and sang, and some lovely guests from France was here again .. it is always fun but when my friends in the Poodle was in the same town and played so that was not the time unfortunately to talk so much with the French, but it may be next time ..hugs and kisses to you anyhow... but you know that I'm most at sea right now so it is not so much to report .. so it is that I do not write as much these days .. fear that it becomes a bit repetitive..but soon I´m back..many kisses and hugs to all..

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