An evening of impressions

Is this a cosy barn or what?
Is this a cosy barn or what?
hey there, hope you feel good and that life is playing..
I took a decision to extend the weekend by one day and have being busy in my barn. And I've never seen so many strange animals in my life. because no one has used the barn for 30 years so, you can imagine how many animals made it their home for generations. we are talking spiders big as fists, a large bumblebee nest at the door, and rats which I never saw but heard them in the tubes that go up in the ceiling. I promise. the shuffling around in the tube and scratch as a badgers in search of food, and suddenly we heard it pee, and it start to drip from the tube.. brr.. I love that place but some of my friends didnt go in to the barn no more after that..

I said that perhaps it was not rats but an old servant left in the barn, which developed into a Gollum-like character and lived in the tubes in the ceiling ..and wild boars outside by the woods on the other side of the field..two big ones and a bunch of very small kids..they cant be more than some weeks old.. and deer everywhere, and finally a large fox that had white stripes like a zebra on the sides .. strangest fox I have seen

but tomorrow its gonna rain, so I hope to bring the euro beast in the basement to life and get a good song .. it starts to be about time for a new single soon .. or what do you say?

I forgot the hungry horse on the way home..he got the last apples I had left from dinner..

hugs from

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