What a day...
Had a terrific day on the small Island Björkö, more famous as Birka the vikingtown, out in lake mälaren, today..halleluja, the weather, the sun, the water .. just fantastic and a real picnic in the green with dogs and good friends just below the legendary small mountain Borg just above the legendary historical place where the Viking city of Birka was placed 1100 years ago..you know, for my wierd brain it was almost to much.. a truly marvelous place, just emagine that my great grandfathers lived and died on that field not so long ago.. and little Vanda made her self guilty of a great offense when she was without any permit or archaeological points started digging for voles in the midst of the so-called sacred. black earth .. luckily she she didnt found any large silver treasures.. although I am still a little musty from my cold, we had an absolutely fantastic day .. and I could not help but take the first dip in the lake.. just a cloud in the sky appeared as Sigge bit of a tooth during our picnic .. I feel sorry for him when he got huge pain and not at all was as crazy as usual .. hope he gets well soon.. a good day to live on..hugs from me and I really hope that u had a similar day

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