Hello from the other side..

Master, get yar ass back here, I´m cold..
Master, get yar ass back here, I´m cold..
Hope ure fine this rainy thursday...Ive been down all week.. woke up last sunday and felt like I fell from an aeroplane..with no parachute.. some grimm flu.. no, I don´t think its a pig in the name..but it has been a worthless week with fever and stuff.. well well now its better and thats good cuz today I will be present when my beloved sponsors swedish hair line in Hägersten has some sort of celebration ..unfortunately its pouring down from heaven but maybe it will stop later.. so thats my day and then I will rush back to my well used couch and continue to look at Mongol, a great movie that I really recomend.. so a boring Type bid u a sunnier day.. and hugs
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