Viva Greece

Ive been to greece 3 times
and I luv every time.. many years ago me and my oldest best friends went there to party at the peleponesos.. we made a new drink called and my old drummer Jocke (mar(tin)Jocke(youkon) went inside the bar and they let us fool around in there..we came up with a drink so disgusting we could have it for free the whole week if we just drank it..the second time there I went with my dear family..all of them.. to Crete..those where the days.. hmm.. and last time I went with my out sound engineer Gert Petterson (who is going to be married by the way...Congrats my friend, well done..and is having a marrige party in Manilla..kinda long way from sweden but I think I must go). Gert is a terrific guy and I miss him..He lives in Gothenburg so I dont see him very often.. but we went not so long ago to Corfu and when we landed there people asked us if we took the wrong flight cuz the whole island closed the day before we arrived..the season was over we took a new plane to Athen and stayed at the best hotell I have ever seen called Brittania..we could only afford the smallest rooms..just little bigger than the beds in the rooms ..but that was the best place I have ever lived in..with a balcony with a fantastic view over acropolis and the town.. I think I love greece.. and just becuz of that Im celebrating these journeys tonight with a marvelous recipes of greek meatballs of lamb in garlic..and my dear chapellmaster and bassplayer Johan Dereborn stands for the recipe .. but how he found it knows only the gods.. so I bid you a good evening..stay durable, TOUGH but flexible

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