a perfect way to combine music with cleaning
a perfect way to combine music with cleaning
hello there dear reader, hope your day is wonderful and you feel good
my weekend is lovely but the reverse of drinking light beer makes itself felt today..i love the translationsite google.. the language gets more wierd than I am.. anyhow.. it was a good week and some really productive days.. Ive rent a barn for my beloved vikingships and Sigge halped me cleaning it out from hay and years of rat and birdpoop .. really cosy in there when we finished cleaning.. a good home for my ships and all the viking rekvisita.. and the best part is that its really close to the little bay where I hope to build my vikinghouses..in 50 years or so.. but in mean time they will be safe in the new barn.. but I want more ships so if U know anyone selling their vikingships, let me know...and today its greek food party in my kitchen.. more to told about this in a moment..
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