Howdy Reader!

Who is the old man in front of the new boat?
Who is the old man in front of the new boat?
Hope ure fine this sunny Thursday!
Im good, Im acctually damn good, Ive spend some time working in the studio and Ive spent 2 days gathering my vikingships in a new home.. so now I know where they are and how they are doing..and you see the grey spot to yar left on the screen saying "viking World"? that spot is about to become alive so to speak..very soon..the plan is to have this space to to tell the world about my music and the plans for the artist e-type and tell about all the adventures in my vikingworld under the header "vikingworld"..i hope that will make more sense..then people who donīt give a damn about my historical disorder and my war against dogbeaters can read about my music here..?..well this is just a plan and you know I have had afew over the years, some works some donīt.. better listening to the string that burst than never to span the bow..hmm..well well and while Im waiting for the S L O W building permits for my little vikingfarm Ive decided to start my little own vikingpartyeventfirm..many people come to me asking if they can visit my village or if I can arrange a historical party for them and im kinda tired to say no all the time when i have so much fun doing just now I start this little firm and its called ..but it will take a week or 2 before its up n running.. every spring/early summer all my vikingdreams come to life ..its like the leafs and the flowers..the heat and sun wake up the dreams.. the dogs are fine, the Mead is sparkling (and taste very good) and now I have to buy a new motor mover for the lawn..2 came including when i bought the house, do they work? So see ya soon and stay daring, lynxeyed and helping

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