But finally..

Why does he have a mask over his face? Becuz he is Batman, doh!
Why does he have a mask over his face? Becuz he is Batman, doh!
how are you ladies and gentlemen?
I am unusually spirited and fresh because I have not touched a lättöl all weekend..and I had the huge responibility to be a tourmanager , for myself, friday and saturday. Niklas is still in the jacuzzi in russia with Arash..but they have a great time there Ive heard, they met Putin and Arash came in number 3 yesterday, a cool guy and a good song so we at E-type.se salute him with fuming guns from all decks..and offcourse Malena Erman too..she is a wonderful woman i think...but I think Ive heard the song from Finland before? Havnt you? hmmm...strange that no one reacts since true believer was a big hit there..well well iM glad I can be of some sort of inspiration..heh..and as you can see Im glad i was sober on the way down to Halmstad friday cuz otherwise I might would have missed taking this historic photo on the airport; The Batman having a coffee in the restaurant.

So after a very Easy fridayevening, I met the sweet tv personality Josefin Sundström in the restaurant, I like her alot, we woke up ( No, No, Not me and her, I woke up in my room and the rest of the world in their own rooms ) saturday and went for 2 very nice gigs at the car-venue..yes a bit odd gig but ..we can say, a favour for a favour..not easy being an artist these days...if you have bills that is...very nice crowd down there, I wanted to hug em all..and almost did..and we had some very good singing girls on stage, thx again girls, and I asked them what song they wanted to hear and they all yelled "I´m falling"..hehe my first little song ever made as e-type.. havnt even had a thought of that song for many years..

And when I returned to my little home I discovered that my Mead is not bubbling the way it should..maybe it is but Im in a hurry, the Dr Mead, kalle runristare told me over the phone that I should sqeeze some appels, boil them and filter them and pour them in the fermentation..and yeah.. now its bubbling again..or sparkling maybe.. interesting?
Ive recived one mail from a guy tht really followed the Mead progress and prosperity so it is important that I update this often here ...;-)

Today I look like a cleaningwoman but I am acctually a cleaning man..the house is covered in doghair..but not for long..here I come!

Many hugs to all reading this, whether you like it or not

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