Hi there..

two drunken sailors..no no but we sure look that way..
two drunken sailors..no no but we sure look that way..
A slow Monday evening..
Hope uré fine, Im good..a bit tired from the weekend..but as usual its my own fault ;-) Today I´ve measured how deep it is in the water outside my dreams small Viking village in Lake Mälaren..we used the high-tech method, a string tied to a small stone and a small knot at each meter..somewhat depressing as it was very shallow ..but we found a place where even the slightly larger boats will be able to lie when they visit .. if they do ..as you can understand the day has gone in sign of daydreaming.. but a very nice day..and on the way back to my car, it was suddenly bulls, large as dinosaurs around my car .. I was so scared that I forgot to photograph them while climbing in to the car through the trunk so they would not see me
..those animals are BIG..and angry as what Ive heard.. so thats the monday for me so far.. hugs from me


The very nice Mats to the right of me in the picture is a partner in the property land that I look at for my little viking gantry...and in the background to the left a glimpse of the legendary land where the Viking city of Birka was located 1200 years ago .. talk about good Viking neighbors..well they are not there anymore but some old viking ghosts will probably howl in salutes for some like-minded societies..one day maybe..
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