Not only humans find a trip on the sea healthy and strengthening

Hi there, hope u are fine this wednsday..Im cool, still little tired from my recent 6 days one to blame but I have had a slow day in the land of my dreams Viking village out on Adelsö..but tomorrow its studiotime again..and now its time for what Sean Connery himself considers to be his best role performance, what Ive read; In the name of the rose..grimm movie 4 out of 5 E´s..I bid you a nice evening..


And I still can´t understand that our beloved Christoffer will shut down the excellent E-typeportalen.. (but I can understand why) Christoffer is one of the greatest supporters Ive ever come across since E-type came to life some years ago..(read 15).. I salute you forever but I will do my best to bring you back when its time for a new realease of an E-type single..Believe that!
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