Yawn...Finally home..
Thursday in Södertälje was great..Torekällberget is like a small Skansen with alot of different animals and old houses from the swedish history..and the place were we played were so nice..so thanx a lot..

Then we had an early flight to Frankfurt Fridaymorning and after some hours there we went to Dublin Ireland..but in Frankfurt you can really see that people are afraid of this new flu..kinda scary but not alot you can do..and after 4 hours with a friendly but totally mad old racingdriver through the valleys and mountains of small narrow winding roads in aproximately 160km/H we came to the county of Donegal were we played the friday for yangesters 12-16 years old and saturday for the rest of the guys up there.. I have to admit that I have seen more people on a E-type gig but I salute sweet Michelle and the place to be as brave and let me play when Im not as well known in the country.. and we stayed at a very good hotel in LetterKenny for those of you that might know those parts of the world..but somehow we didnt manage to sleep many hours this weekend..and the journey home yesterday was sumthing else, plane from Donegal(we´ve had it with the racingcar)down to dublin, then another to frankfurt and finally a third to sweden late yesterdayevening.. puhh.. but we´ve had a great weekend and we have a new member in the band ; the talanted and sweet Ellen, most welcome to the crazy life of touring with little me...so next mission will be Skellefteå next weekend but otherwise it will be quite easy now as manager niklas will be in Russia for several weeks with Arash and the eurovision song contest.. many hugs to all

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