Maybe not this big concert tomorrow but almost...
Maybe not this big concert tomorrow but almost...
the sun is still shining
..and Im having some very positive respons on my little vikingproject..that makes me even sing for myself abit in my car this morning..well nothing will probably happen in another 15 years but as they say; the journey is the goal, not the other way around.. and this afternoon we start to build the stage for our big concert in ToreKällberget in Södertälje tomorrow.. that we look forward to.. unfortenatly the dear pirate Marcus Jidell is away on some mission but we will have the exellent Mats Attaque on guitarr, so don´t miss that if you live within a range of 500 miles to södertälje... we´ve been playing there now for many years, its a great party..so see ya there and hugs

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