howdy dear homepagereader!

Hope ure fine today..
I´ve decided that this week starts today and not yesterday since that day was a bad day.. and today the sun is shining..offcourse Im still sad that my old friend and colleague, Magnus Uggla, turned out to be such a viper..but I rather walk the earth among few friends than people who are willing to sacrifice friendship for their own short-term pleasure..and desperate attempt to keep up to date..sad is the word..and society becomes a sad place with this type of bullying..people like magnus uggla just show other unsecure people how to act and whats oki..not surprising that bullying in schools only increases, hell, it is precisely those, like him and me, who should be showing how to behave..well well this is what I am sitting in my ship and think of ;-) not to speak about that I no more can sing IQ when I have take me a lättöl :-+

whatever..Today we start to pack cuz this weekend I have worldpremiere consert in Dunegal in Ireland..that is cool, I have never played there before..I just wish I could take the full band with me but Im not that big over there ..YET...they say its very beatiful up there in the northern parts of Ireland.. and I will probably end up with a new dog when I come home ;-) Now its time to install a brand new pack of Ez Drummer in my computer, very exciting..for me that is.. take care and stay as you are; kind-hearted, understanding and tired of the wickedness on earth..

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