My old dear idol is gone..

How low can u sink, Magnus Uggla?
Yesterday evening, after a terrific weekend, I was laying in my sofa too tired to move from the couch to the bed watching my old idol magnus uggla´s rather poor tv-show "Where the hell is my revue?" and while he is on a toilet in Kiev and lists the absolute most disgusting jobs pops a picture of me up as a Fluffer? I didnt know what a fluffer was but now I do, but in contrast to the increasingly desperate magnus, I do not want to destroy my own page with that information. But believe me, you don´t ever wanna be called a fluffer and especially not from your dear old idol in his tv-show!?

Magnus use to be both accurate and fun and he is one of the reason I myself is an artist today. What the hell did u think, Magnus. What´s the fun in that move? What have I done to deserve to be called a fluffer after supporting you in public for 15 years? For me, you´re gone as an artist and i put you and your music in the pile of shit that i no longer care about. Those who know me know that it is not for me to fight but there are things you do not call each other, ask Zinedine Zidane...
And change the name on yar tv-show to "Where da hell is my pride?"


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