Good evening ladies and gentlemen

hope uve had same sunny and warm day as I have..
Ive been very cultural today.. I gave my dear dogwatch Sigge a lift home to his little island Adelsö where I use to take the dogs , u know, cuz I have finally found a good barn that I can hire for my vikingships..a place to rebuild them and take care of I took the opportunity to look when I was there, and we had to be on the island before 14.00 cuz Sigge, the not so normal person, had booked 4 hours at the old local bakehouse where the ladies are making the traditional swedish crispbread (?)..but it was very tasty and I had a good laugh when I saw him among the grey panthers in his baking clothes..really taking the task very seriously, I really enjoy that little island..a totally different after cleaning up from the big party yesterday its time to crash in the sofa watching underworld ll, its must be all the goth´s favouritemovies.. call it a day.. hugs from me

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