Happy Friday!

They tried to tie me up, but I allways find a way to hold a glass of lättöl when its fridayevening..
They tried to tie me up, but I allways find a way to hold a glass of lättöl when its fridayevening..
Hi, hope ure good..
Im sorry but this week has been too much..a nice week but alot of things to do, Since we will be travelling to the great Country of finland in a couple of hours I hope that we will have some more free time over there, and my plan was to write then, but, I just found myself sitting in the lovely sun and suddenly had some spare time. Sometimes people wonder what I do all day since I have such little free time.. and I just cant tell.. meetings, alot of work with our NEW and good dog rescuing site www.thepalace.se, finishing the work on my new house, yesterday my good friend Bobbie moved in to this wierd building, and he slept for like 12 hours so i think that he feel at home..and I kicked some life in to my old Viking project again, so I had a dozen meetings the last 2 weeks trying to get that old dream come true..so..but the last weeks I just couldnt find any tim to sit my ass down in the studio to write some good songs, that is not good, and i really have to change this next week.. grrr..well well what else? The new dog Jocke is doing better and better, he cant still be on his own so that, as u can imagine, is a bit of a problem when I have to go to the gym och just rent a movie..but hopefully soon he can, just have to train him..and speaking about film, Goya´s Ghost about the spanish inquisition late 1700 was great, a Milos foreman film. 4 E´s. Now my plane leaves in just a few hours so I have to pack my stuff..but i look forward to see Finland again and part of the band, its not a full orchestra this weekend, but the girls an manager Niklas are going with me and we use to have such a good time together..The photo of little Sanne is from last gig, I can still laugh when I come to think of the guys after gig in loge.. you would probably say different if you saw them in action.. many hugs and hopefully see u in Finland!!!

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