Hope u have had a nice an cosy weekend..
Mine was terrific.. Friday was slow with a quite
oki film with one of my favourite actors
Willhem Dafoe called Animal Factory
...my little dog is demonstrably a genious..she typed
all that by her self..anyhow.. and saturday I had a small
spontaneous dinner with my friends.. and I did it again..
lambracks for dinner and homemade icebcream for desert..
first I got nervous cuz it was very silent when people were
eating, and these guys are not the silent type, but when they
went for more I got happy..the recipes for the lamb is a fun
story, its a recipes that the great swedish chef Bosse on the
resturant Donners brunn o the island of Gotland won some foodcooking competition many years ago. And its acctually a secret but one time some summers ago we had a good dinner there with him joining our table and we had ..well..some wine..enough for him to tell me the recipes and I was wise to write it down on a napkin under the table.. so he was really shocked when I called him a year after and told him that I use to cook that special dinner.. it takes hours to make the sauce but its worth it.. most of you have probably allready fallen asleep after this story..but i felt it was important info ;-) anyhow.. then we went clubhopping as usual..we met the very nice and genuine prins of sweden Carl Philip and had a lättöl with him and his friends..he is Charging for the season in the porshe race and I think he is very strong doing that since all media made alot of jokes about his skills on the track last year.. This year i hope he will do better .. he is worth it.. and little bacon today I have been swobbed and vacumcleaned the little spare apartment in the house cuz tomorow a good friend Bobbie will rent it over the summer..he is a great friend and is also a good chef so i look forward to it.. i just hope that the dogs will get used to the sound of another being in the buildng.. well now its the tevesofa for the rest of the evening.. or maybe go for a concert with Hammerfall..hmmm.havnt decided yet.. many hugs so long from me

as u can see something is crazy with layout this very evening

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