Top of the Monday to you..

Hope yar fine..
Im good, a quiet weekend, healing hands and fingers, myself and my little oversteemed brain. Yesterday we went out visiting Sigge Viking and had a tremendous walk around the surroundings to Adelsö church and the the old and mystic, home of the vikingtime and medieval kings called Hovgården. A great place where Sigge told me he use to sleep sometimes during the summer under the bare sky.. typically him. But the new dogs, both are retired competitionsdogs from the racetrack, got to run over the almost endless cheap meadows and damn what a speed.. I have never went to such a race but we all stood silent when they run across the fields like the ancient god Oden´s 2 dogs Gere and Freke. Since my new dog Jack doesnt respon to either Jack his real name or Jocke as I use to call him Sigge named him "Freke" and for the first time he listened so maybe I have to change his name..but I have some weeks to decide that.. anyhow a great day we had.. and tomorow morning at tv4 ca 0830 i think, I will tell u more about our new project on ireland..only in swedish for the moment but the page is the webpage for the project.hmm..lifetime freetime project i believe.. but then I promised myself and the E-type side of me to seriously start to write E-type wednsday to friday will be in the studio.. and then I decided that I will have 3-4 days a week that I do only this, not even answering the phone.. the big picture is the old place where the old vikings use to pull their ships on to land.. u can still see the line in the soil from that time..
i luv the feeling of knowing that they really lived and worked exactly there on that very spot.. but u know me, not very nomal person.. but darn I have some good plans for that
place.. and my own retire..I just need to have the men and women in the commune with me.. but more of that another time.. now I will have some help washing my hair since my paws are out of order .. hugs from me


Flamman och Citronen, a danish film about the second world war and the danish Resistance is truly a great film if ure interested in that period of time.. 5 out of 5 E´s
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