This is Jack..or Jocke as i keep calling him..
This is Jack..or Jocke as i keep calling him..
Jack and Phoenix has arrived to sweden from Ireland..
Wow what a day yesterday and today cuz i didnt fell asleep until 0700 this morning.. since the new 2 dogs had to land in germany on their way to sweden they had to fly for like six hours yesterday.. and darn.. before we could get the dogs i had to drive to one toll another custom..some more papers and back again..for hours before we could let the poor creatures out of their cages.. but guess if they were happy when we let them out.. but little stressed and my dog Jack Black the Pirate(big Pic) (small pic is Phoenix) (they allready had names but more swedish nicknames will probably come with time) is still little wonder.. but most of all i think that they are hot.. not used to live indoor and I hate to freeze so its kinda warm too.. but they look happy and soon its time to cook them a big steak for lunch.. spoilingtime.. and my darn hands are healing slowly..that was the most stupid thing.. u know how many blonds it takes to switch a Lightbulb? obviously more than only one euroartist! so this day will be foodcooking, films and more zzzzzleep.. se u at

hugs to all and hugs x 2 to Special Agent Carin and her singing bird


oh, and I almost forgot;

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