Breaking news..again.

and this one is really "breaking"
woke up this morning and come to think of that I put in some laundry in the washingmachine yesterday.. running down the cellar and discovered that a lightball was broke in the washingroom..while trying to get the damn lamp to come off it exploded in my hands.. pieces of sharp glass come raing over me.. half an hour later I finally had to experience what Rambo did in First Blood 1 when he sewed him self up in the forest without any anaesthetic.. well I didnt do it by myself cuz a great surgeon at the hospital did it for me.. but he said that since it was only one stitch per hand it would be 2 per hand if I wanted anaesthetic too.. so I tried the Rambo style.. so I feel very maskulin today.. and lucky cuz it really could have gone worse.. clumbsy me.. one day is up the next is down.. thats life.. but Im really gonna need my hands tonight cuz the new Irish dogs will be at the airport 0100 tonite.. very exciting.. so cheers from the E-types adventures.. the kind woman on the small pic is Brittis patching me up.. she is great, she took care of me when i broke my hand last year.. she thinks Im visiting her too often ;-)

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