What a beautiful day..

to wake up to..
Gävle was strange but fun this saturday.. but strange.. offcourse the owners didnt promote me as a dj ..so the nice little crowd thought that I was going to play my songs as usual.. well at least some did.. and offcourse I did cuz I luv my job being an artist and it was a wonderful audience.. but even though I was a tremendous dj and my friend John´s records worked damn good ive decided to stick to what I do best.. banging my head to my own songs.. but we had a lot of fun that strange evening..

and do u remember how angry some people were at me for leaving the tv show "roasted" some weeks ago.. I left it cuz it wasnt nice or even good tv it was just rubbish and adult mobbing.. some of the guys that really hated me for leaving the show...JUST LEFT THE SHOW THEMSELFS.. hehe.. this is truly a good day.. and Im glad they did cuz the show sux and they are worth better.. one of the guys Lennie is (in my opinion a good friend) so I felt very bad knowing that he was pissed at me.. anyhow I will celebrate this day by practicing with my electric guitarr, i have never played guitarr so Im very excited, the guitarr is acctually a leftover from a tour i did some years ago when i slaughtered a guitarr each show with a chainsaw, remember?..
puss o kram


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