Hi there..

Back from Åland..
in one piece.. very good show.. I had some serious problems with my sound so I didnt even hear what song it was sometimes but I saw that the wonderful crowd had a good time.. and that´s why I was there.. so Im happy.. a nice little journey across the swedish archipelago.. but they have this air conditioner on in every room so now I caught a cold ..again.. it sux but there is nutting to do cuz tonite I will have my first little job as a Dj in O´learys in Gävle 200 km north of sthlm.. Im acctually little nervous cuz its almost 10 years since I worked as a Dj, but I stole alot of good and modern songs from my good friend Jorre (half the gruop Amadin if anyone rmember) , he is a pilot but he use to play as a Dj in all the coolest plays in sthlm, so hopefully I will have some use for his songs.. so off I go to gävle.. and as u can see, someone can feel that her Master is going away once again this weekend..stay stubborn, decided and inquisitive


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