Have to admit that the snow is almost pretty out in the archipelago..i said almost..
Hope your fine this blending white late winterday.. yesterday i had a good day out among the thousand islands outside stockholm town.. I went out with my friend Claes just to check my little cabin to see if human or natural rats have been visiting my little hut.. but it laid there sweeped in thick snow in a quite and peacful calm.. I luv the little house but I have some bad neighbours that won´t help me with somewhere to park my little boat.. but as they say.. there are bigger problemos in the world..

like the poor dogs of ireland.. But i have a plan for that.. since i have this billion viewers on my site www.e-type.se I just couldnt sleep knowing that among all these people there might be someone who want´s to participate in our project or even might consider adopting a dog of their own.. so Im gonna let dog rescue organisations ad here for free and when ever they want to.. and then I keep writing storys of my own life that might include some dog storys but not so much as I have been writing since I came from that beautiful but sad dogisland Ireland... just for the record..scottland and Ireland are very similar countries with 4-5 miljon people..One different though.. 2007 they put 356 unwanted dogs to sleep in scottland, in Ireland the same
year over 12.500 healthy family dogs were killed.. thats why I care..

But now ..back to diskobusiness.. in a couple of hours I leave for a big show on this huge ship cinderella.. usually its lots of fun on those gigs and I sincerely hope it will be this time to.. Im in a good gig mood.. and so happy to bring my own, good and most lovely band with me.. no tapes and shit.. so.. take care until I see u on the boat? and if ure not interested at all of the fricking dog talk, just ignore that, ure probably here cuz u are a musiclover..www.e-type.se loves u anyhow.. and me

kisses and put the lifejackets on cuz HERE WE GO AGAIN..

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