The winter is back in sweden..
..and itīs cold..and snowy.. and its obsolete and rusty in my opinion.. it should be sunny, springflowers along the freeway to the sound of a pouring water stream of melted snow..but thatīs just my opinion.. after one of the longest days so far this year I have enjoyed my self tremendously watching a great film called "The other Boleyn girl" with Natalie Portman and scarlett Johansoon, quite a doomy story but a great film about Henry Vlll .. another strange man in history.. at least according to novells and books about him..but 4 out of 5 Eīs on my film scale

but half a day in the studio and then some checking of all the equipment we will bring to the big show at the Vikingline boat gig the day after tomorrow.. letīs hope for a calm and nice evening thursday..last time we played at that ship it was storm and the drums and the speakers nearly danced around the stage in the waves.. but now its time to sleep and to be honest..I wouldnt be sorry at all if the bloody snow was gone tomorrow.. we, the people, need
the smell of rotten grass and unfreezed dogpoo.. or spring as we call it?

Hugs from me

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