Hi dear webreader..

Hope ure fine this rather grey monday..
Im still kinda tired from last week.. it was a long week.. I had a little gig in Sthlm for some dentists fridayevening and after a week being a carpenter and like 18 hours days I needed at least 3 lättöl to find the spirit of dancing around stage.. but it was a nice little gig.. but damn i miss the full band when i do these playback things.. its an enormous different to be able to switch the order of the songs and sing some new things with the band.. but in some places we just wouldnt fit ..8 people on stage and drums and everthing need some space.. well well and saturdaty i had my dear friend tommy from monaco and his family in my little house for dinner.. and my old friend Fabbe came along aswell ..really nice evening.. and since u know how much I like to brag over my own cooking.. im not even gonna tell u about my homemade cloudberry icecream..jummy.. and yesterday was a little dissapointment or luck? I had tickets to Metallica but they cancelled the gig cuz good old james had to visit the hospital for some stomache probs.. heard they were out on a disko after the show the day before so maybe he just had to many lättöls? probably not..but i was so tired yesterday that i felt that i rather go and see them in may instead..

and I feel great..

the last day on Ireland I heard about this poor old greyhound that were living in a carwreck outside dublin among a travelling people that didnt treat him nice.. at all.. and i wanted to just go there and take the dog with me home to sweden.. but they said that these people could be very violent and that they had guns.. so we made up a plan to sneak in there and just take him very early in the morning some days after we had left the island.. we have some very good friends over there..and the plan was for him to stay with me but www.hundarutanhem.se put out his photo on their website just to check if it was possible to find a new home for him even though he is very old..since we booked alot of dogs.. and belive it or not many familys contacted the site and wanted him.. so he landed on the airport last friday and is living with a great family and their dogs outside sthlm.. isnt that a great story.. i named him Walle (wallace from braveheart)... its just a drop in the ocean of homeless dogs but a fairly big drop for him..tuesday next week my new dog Jack Black the Pirate will arrive to sweden..hugs from me


small pic is walle sleeping in his new warm home on his new pillow outside stockholm
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