How are u?
Iīm fine.. I had a great weekend, some lightyears better than previous week.. hrmf.. the friday me and two of my best friends had a gastronomical topdinner at the old resturant Riche in stockholm and then some clubhopping. And the rest of the weekend ive spent fixing my home, installing the tv and such. I really have to fix everything soon cuz the part of the house where ive been living for the past 6 months I will rent out to a good friend very soon and move in to the rest of the building..it sounds strange but it is truly a strange building.. and I donīt think he wants me there when he moves in.. ;-) and today Ive been working as a carpenter for the exellent tv show Roomservice for swedish channel 5, Im helping designing an apartment in sthlm.. very exciting.. no, i dont build vikingstyle but more a cool fresh livingroom with my own sofa design.. good guys to work with so we have a lot of fun.. and this i will do for at least 4 more days.. tomorrow i will tell you more but now i have a napattack to attend to.. zzzz... sorry for being off here for some days but I lost my mood with the bullshit from last week.. damn im getting older or sumthing.. 10 years ago i would be angry for at the most 2 minutes for a similar pie throwing incident..the only thing I really wanna do is the only thing i donīt have time to do..writing songs.. this has to change.. Stay hard, strong and fair, puss och kram

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